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Where Wild Marigolds Grow by Rachel Esther Gross (Author)

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Where Wild Marigolds  Grow is the poignant story that entwines the contemporary journeys of neighbors Miriam and Leah with the wartime experiences of two other young women. Miriam has come a long way to where she is today yet still struggles to find acceptance and stability in her new way of life. Leah, placed within an entirely different set of circumstances, is faced with challenges of her own when her carefully crafted dreams come crashing down on her one day.


Juxtaposed with the present are the stories of two young women fleeing for their lives in war-overrun Poland. Both girls search for Hashem amid inhuman conditions, reaching dramatically different conclusions. As the fascinating truth unfolds, we are reminded how events of the past can shape future generations, and how all journeys, in reality, are a journey with Hashem. by Rachel Esther Gross

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