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Touched By A Prayer by Yechiel Spero [Hardcover]

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In Touched By A Prayer, world-acclaimed storyteller Rabbi Yechiel Spero provides an escorted tour through the passageways of tefillah, Jewish prayer. This book is chock-full-of stories and insights that will transform the way you pray. Each of its 40 chapters includes an insightful thought, followed by an inspiring story rendered in Rabbi Spero’s signature style. Through its pages, we will come to appreciate how tefillah can transport and completely transform us. And we will learn that tefillah is dynamic — as we utter its words, they offer us guidance, wisdom, comfort and assurance. Its approach will speak to everyone — from someone new to Jewish prayer to a seasoned Torah scholar. And educators and parents will find this delightful book the perfect resource for making prayer meaningful and inspiration to children. This first volume of Rabbi Spero’s treatment of the prayers examines the start of the morning prayer, from the morning blessings, birchos hashachar, and birchos haTorah, korbanos, pesukei dezimrah and Yishtabach.


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