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Torah Faith: The Thirteen Principles – Rabbi Zechariah Fendel

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The Rambam’s Thirteen Principles have been universally accepted as the authentic expression of the fundamental tenets of Torah faith by all segments of the Torah world. Throughout the generations, countless Jews have offered up their lives “al kiddush HaShem”- in sanctification of G-d’s Name – With the Ani Ma’amin on the lips. In what is certainly one of his most ambitious and important projects to date, Rabbi Zechariah Fendel, celebrated author of a number of works on Torah hashkafah, has presented the Torah public with an analytical study of the Shloshah Asar Ikkarim of the Rambam. More than two years in preparation, “Torah Faith: The Thirteen Principles” draws extensively upon many of the Rambam’s works, as well as upon the writing of the other Rishonim and Acharonim. Written in the same clear, absorbing style as its predecessors in the Hashkafah Library Series, “Anvil of Sinai” and “Challenge of Sinai”, this work provides the reader with a richer awareness and a deeper perception of the fundamental tenets of Judaism. Extensively researched and well-documented with more than 1200 footnotes, which include thousands of source references, “Torah Faith: The Thirteen Principles” is eminently suitable for students and laymen, as well as for teachers and Torah scholars. In order to render expression to the unswerving tenacity with which are people have clung to the principles of Torah faith throughout the generations, the author has concluded at the end of each Ikkar, a selection of relevant Holocaust Narratives. These narratives are a living testament to the indomitable faith of our people in G-d and Torah, and to the eternity of Klal Yisroel. This book, clarifying as it does the fundamental tenets of Torah faith, should be on the bookshelves of every Jewish home. It is “must” reading for every Jew who wishes to enrich his appreciation of the radiant spiritual splendor of Torah faith, and to broaden his comprehension of the intellectual under pinnings and the foundation-stones of our Torah heritage.


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