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Thicker Than Water –by A. Unger (Author)

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He bent down and picked up the envelope. It hadn’t been there before. Had the wind blown it there from the shelf of documents? He glanced over his shoulder. The curtain was still. There wasn’t even a breeze. The envelope was completely white. There was no sender or addressee written on it. No stamp. Nothing. Shaya wasn’t used to people shoving envelopes under his door. And for some reason, it didn’t enter his mind to flinch – even for a second. He sat down on the couch and deftly opened the envelope. A lone white paper fell out. STOP SEARCHING FOR NAFTALI AND ROCHEL BLEICH What made Naftali and Rochel Bleich, a regular, young Israeli couple, parents of a small child, Shloime, disappear? Who didn’t want them found? And why? Nearly two decades later Shloime is engaged to be married. But the dark secret of a family’s unresolved past has a way of asserting itself, and Shloime’s uncle, Shaya Bleich, embarks upon a journey to uncover the truth that takes him to three continents. Determined to discover the fate of his missing family members , he is thrust into bewildering circumstances that threaten to topple his world. Here is a compelling novel of intrigue where nearly nothing is as it appears to be; and when the pieces of this puzzle finally do fall into place, be prepared for an unexpected and shocking revelation. Hardcover Publisher: Feldheim (2013) ISBN-10: 1598260286 ISBN-13: 978-1598260281  


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