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The Torah Anthology (Yalkut Me'am Lo'ez): Numbers I 13 First Journeys by Yaakov Culi [Hardcover]

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Portions of: BaMidbar, Naso, BeHaalotecha, Shlach Lecha. In this volume The Torah Anthology begins the book of Numbers (BaMidbar), which speaks of the initial adventures of the Israelites in the desert after the Tabernacle was erected. The book begins with the census of the Israelites, describing the camp and the selection of the Levites as a special dedicated tribe. The narrative then goes into the Israelites’ first journey from Sinai, and the various times they tested the Divine Presence in the desert. A highly significant section of this volume deals with the Spies who were sent to explore the Holy Land before the occupation. The narrative tells how the spies brought back a bad report, and how, as a result of the Israelites’ lack of faith, it was decreed that they spend forty years in the desert. The long-term ramifications of this event are discussed in detail. As in all volumes of The Torah Anthology, there are a number of important concepts that are discussed in this volume in detail. First, and most important is the concept of repentance. The author teaches us how to repent, and how repentance is most effective as a means of eradicating sin. Another major theme in this volume is Chanukah. Both the story of Chanukah and its laws are discussed in the manner that can only be found in the Me’am Lo’ez. Other important sections discuss the laws of challah and tzitzith. Translated by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan.   Series: Me’Am Lo’Ez Series Hardcover: 448 pages Publisher: Moznaim Pub Corp (June 1, 1983) Language: English ISBN-10: 0940118033 ISBN-13: 978-0940118034


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