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The Power Of Words - by Rabbi Zelig Pliskin,

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Words are powerful. They can build and they can destroy. An effective communicator can help people grow in all areas of their lives. Words are a vehicle for many acts of kindness. But words can also cause much pain and breed discouragement and despair. The Torah prohibits all forms of Onoas Dvorim, words that cause needless pain. There are a number of classic examples of this in the writings of the Sages, but the practical applications are unlimited. In “The Power of Words”, Rabbi Zelig Pliskin, Director of Aish Hatorah Counseling Center, has elaborated on practical aspects of this commandment. Hopefully after a careful study of this work, the reader will be more sensitive to the feelings of others when communicating. Onoas Dvorim sidetracks a person from his real goals when he tries to get his point across. “The Power of Words” supplies the reader with alternative approaches and strategies to enable him to become an effective communicator in a style that is consistent with the Torah values.



Publisher: Benei Yakov Publications; First Edition edition (1988)

Language: English


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