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The Miriam Adahan Hand Book - Living with Kids Parents at Their Best

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For anyone who understands that there is no greater endeavor than to raise (and even enjoy raising!) children, this book is a treasure. Typical of Dr. Adahan’s honest approach to life challenge readers are reassured that while children are ‘natural sabateurs of adult purposes’ children are 100% ‘a brocha–a blessing.’ Down to earth, practical, inspiring, Living with Kids will prove a fast resource for specific child rearing techniques and for bright pick me ups highlighting the unqiue joys of the hardest responsibility in the universe! Replete with realistic everyday child/parent issues. We need a web site to share thoughts and experiences on this book. My only complaint is that it is too short to encompass the myriad of situations and feelings parenting involved. (How about a five hundred volume encyclopedia?} This highlights a special feature of this parenting book–it is written from a Jewish/Torah perspective. All too few parenting books acknowledge the truth that there are three partners in creating and raising children-Mom, Dad and G-d. Remembering that third partner is the critical piece of this book and the whole parenting experience.

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