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Sefer Cafetz Chayim Preface & Introduction Mazal Elul by Chofetz Chaim (Author),

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Rabbi Yisrael Meir HaKohen Kagan (Chafetz Chaim) ,The concepts and laws of proper speech arranged for daily study. In giving Jews the Torah, G-d granted them a system of laws and beliefs designed to elevate the human personality to a lofty state. Among these laws, the principles of shmirat halashon — harnessing the awesome power of the tongue. How we speak of others — how we see them, judge them, empathize with them and, when necessary, how we criticize them. These aspects of life occur throughout each day, and these are the aspects that shmirat halashon addresses. The laws of speech were written by man’s Creator to instruct His creation on how to live in this world. In their entirety, they comprise a precisely designed guidebook, one that is well within the ordinary person’s ability to assimilate and observe. By following these G-dly principles, each Jew builds and strengthens within himself his traits of compassion, kindness and love. His relationships begin to reflect the qualities and purposes for which he was created. He lives in harmony with himself, his family and his Creator. The Chafetz Chaim, whose life was a testimony to the enormous positive power of shmirat halashon, said that the daily study of these halachot is the best way to succeed in this mitzvah. Not only does such study fortify one with knowledge, it rewards him with the Heavenly assistance he needs to put his learning into practice,With a clear and concise English translation facing the large-type, vowelized Hebrew, Mazal Elul is user-friendly and easy to read

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