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Revealed Texts, Hidden Meanings - Hayyim J. Angel

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In this second collection of his essays on Tanakh, Rabbi Hayyim Angel continues to present his learning methodology and in-depth text studies to a wider readership. This book contains four articles exploring the principles of learning methodology, followed by sixteen text studies that apply those principles. The collection as a whole invites readers into the learning process, understanding individual passages while utilizing the underlying methodology developed and applied by our classical commentators through the ages. A good teacher is seized of two contradictory tendencies. He must convincingly demonstrate that what appears very simple is, in fact, truly complex; and that what appears hopelessly complicated can be understood, given enough mental effort….Rabbi Hayyim Angel is that kind of eminently competent teacher as well as scholar. —Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm, Chancellor and Rosh HaYeshiva, Yeshiva University (from his foreword to Rabbi Hayyim Angel s Through an Opaque Lens)


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