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Rambam: Readings in the Philosophy of Moses Maimonides - L. E. Goodman

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Rear cover notes: “Moses Maimonides, known by the acronym ‘Rambam,’ was unquestionably the foremost intellectual figure of medieval Judaism. Born in twelfth-century Spain, he eventually settled in Egypt, where he became the head of the Cairo Jewish community and physician to the viceroy. He was renowned as a writer on rabbinic law and medicine, as well as a philosopher. He devoted much of his thought, especially his most important philosophical work, The Guide to the Perplexed, to reconciling religious faith and scientific thought. Dr. Lenn Goodman has prepared new translations from his philosophical writings, arranging the extensive excerpts by topic to focus on Maimonides’ principal contributions to philosophy. These are accompanied by commentary and analysis, clarify9ing the complexities of his thought and providing the historical and religious background necessary for the modern lay reader. The introduction details Rambam’s life and evaluates his role in history and theology. The study of Maimonides is essential to the understanding of Judaism and Western culture. Rambam makes his writings accessible and meaningful to those who have not had extensive previous exposure to medieval theology.”


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