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Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld on the Parashah by Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Sonnenfeld

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Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld was the illustrious and beloved Rav of the Old Yishuv of Jerusalem during the turbulent years of the British Mandate and the harsh era of Arab anti-Semitic uprisings. In that difficult time, this man of courage, wit, and scholarship was a source of profound Torah wisdom and the embodiment of piety.

Over a period of many years, his great-grandson collected Reb Yosef ChaimÆs comments on the parashah, resulting in this outstanding collection of insights, comments and interpretations of the weekly Torah reading. Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Sonnenfeld, a respected talmid chacham in his own right, is a well-known writer and community leader in the city government of Jerusalem.

This volume presents gems of Torah wisdom written in a readable, fluid style that will uplift readers on every level. What could be better than enhancing your Shabbos with the timeless words of Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld?


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