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Planting & Building in Education: Raising a Jewish Child by Shlomo Wolbe

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Any worthwhile, long-term endeavor must develop from sound principles and a firm foundation especially child-rearing. Planting & Building: Raising a Jewish Child is not only the title of this 80-page text, but these two concepts Planting & Building form the foundation upon which the structure of successful child-rearing rests.


Growth is a natural, organic process, as when a seed becomes a flower, while construction is a conscientious, manual process…but both are essential to proper personal development.


Effective child-rearing involves building character and personality by cultivating a child s inner potential. This is the theme Rabbi Shlomo Wolbe develops in this seminal work on raising children.


Along the way, the author touches upon a variety of pertinent issues: the importance of timing, setting a good example, the love component, values, responsibility, the significance of play, kindness and compassion, relating to others, choosing a school, and more. But everything emanates from the creative fusion of planting & building.


Simple yet profound, Planting & Building deals in essentials.


Full of wisdom, warmth, and human understanding, it defines the basics of effective child-rearing, and then outlines a clear plan of action for securing it.

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Feldheim Publishers, Revised edition (May 29, 2000)






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