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Pirkei Avos - Illustrated Youth Edition by Rabbi Avie Gold (Author)

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Question: How can a book written thousands of years ago be fresh and relevant to today’s child?

Answer: When it is masterfully translated into the modern idiom, explained with clarity and vividly illustrated.

This edition of Pirkei Avos has it all! Appropriate for children from six through teens, it piques a child’s interest while imparting important  lessons on behavior, outlook and attitude. Luminescent illustrations seem to jump off the page as they connect ancient wisdom with contemporary experience. Pictures and text creatively link every reader with the chain of tradition that began with Moses and continues to this day. Many parents enjoy reading and discussing these timeless passages with their children at their Shabbos table. Try it — the results are truly rewarding!

Large (8½” x 11″) page size, complete Hebrew text, simplified translation and commentary, sturdy binding and stain-resistant cover.


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