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Pathways To Personal Growth by Gavriel Rubin (Author)

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Seventeen Letters From An Older Brother-A book for teenage boys, their parents and their rebbes – Teenage boys face a wide range of unique challenges, beginning around bar mitzvah age. Since many of these challenges are very private in nature they cannot be dealt with in the ordinary educational framework. Many parents are also uncertain how best to deal with these issues. This situation poses a serious threat to the young man’s spiritual future. Failure to handle these challenges correctly, even if unintentional, can lead to a more general decline both in morals and self-esteem. This is the goal that the author of Pathways has set for himself. Written for young bochurim from bar mitzvah age and up, the sefer takes the form of a series of letters from an older brother to his younger sibling. His thoughtful words speak straight to the heart, giving the young person the encouragement he needs to build his own personality and urging him to take responsibility for his own future.


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