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Once Upon A Story: A famous novelist retells classic stories with passion and spirit by Yair Weinstock

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You know the name Yair Weinstock. He is renowned as an author who mixes suspense with inspiration and history. His Chassidic background, and Brisker training make him a unique blend ù brilliance of mind and depth of soul that flavors his novels and stories with excitement and lucidity. He is magnetic, profound, and exhilarating.

Once Upon A Story, the latest creation from his prolific pen, is filled with gripping tales that hold the reader transfixed. And no wonder; besides having written the popular, seven-volume series Tales for the Soul, Yair Weinstock is the author of several acclaimed thrillers, including The Gordian Knot, Eye of the Storm, Blackout, and Time Bomb.

Once Upon A Story is no mere collection of tales. Each one contains a gem of truth that brings a smile to the heart and hope for the journey ahead. Substantive, memorable, engaging, and satisfying, a Yair Weinstock story is an experience in Jewish enrichment.

In this book, we’ll meet such fascinating and unlikely heroes as The Jewish priest, a Rabbi from Tibet, and Rothschild and the Magnate. We’ll discover there is honor among thieves, a cure precedes the ailment, and a gift from our Mother Rachel.

Is that enough to whet your appetite? There’s all this and more. So read, enjoy, and come back for more entertainment and inspiration.


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