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Nighttime Guardian by Rabbi Aaron Werner (Author)

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Laws Pertaining to the Kri’as Shema Al HaMitah Preface The Torah and our holy Sages frequently admonish us to repent our sins. We accomplish this feat by realizing that we have erred, regretting our ignoble deeds, resolving not to commit these acts in the future, and taking positive steps to prevent ourselves from backsliding. But what if a person is unaware that he has even committed a transgression? How may such a person repent and gain atonement for his sins? The key to success, in this instance, is to study the relevant Jewish laws. The diligent study of Jewish law will reveal to a person what is right and what is wrong, what is permitted and what is forbidden. This knowledge, coupled with the overcoming of one’s evil inclination, will gain atonement for the sins that were committed through ignorance. The laws pertaining to Kri’as Shema Al HaMitah represent one tiny segment of our legal codes. Since they apply to us on a nightly basis, it is prudent for us to familiarize ourselves with all aspects of these relevant laws. This compendium makes this possible. It provides the accepted view that has been adopted by both the Ashkenazic and the Sefaradi communities. The rare instances where there are differences between the accepted laws in these communities will be pointed out. In addition, source references are provided for all laws cited in this text. Once a person has studied the following section, he will have a comprehensive understanding of all the laws pertaining to Krias Shema Al HaMitah.

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Three Beacons (January 1, 1995)




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