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My People: The Story of the Jews – Abba Eban

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With one hundred and twenty pages of photographs illustrating this unprecedented narrative PEOPLE is a story epic, splendid, and infinitely mov- ing of a small people unique from any other, whose history has had a profound influence on the entire human condition. The book relives the drama of Abraham the time of the first covenant; the giving of the law of Moses; the Prophetic vision; the terri- fying march of the Roman legions; the haunt- ing shadows of exile; the brilliance of the Enlightenment; the unparalleled agony of Auschwitz; and the victorious renewal of a birthright. Many civilizations march across its pages: Canaanite, Assyrian, Greek, Roman, Christian, Arab, European, American, up to the founding of modern Israel, which stands in the center of the Jewish world today. Abba Eban tells this majestic story as a scholar, philosopher, and historian. MY PEOPLE re- flects the vision, the fact, and the myth which comprise the life and thought of the Jewish people. You will share Abba Eban’s insights into Jewish ideas and identity, and his eloquent reflections on the miracle of Israel’s persistence from antiquity to modern times. It is the story of a people who believe that the future is as important as the past, and that there is a superior dimension which gives pur- pose and vitality to the human struggle. It is an unfinished story and a history that is still being made. MY PEOPLE is a brilliant, superbly written commentary on the totality of the Jewish experience. There has never been a book quite like this one. Nor a people.

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