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Lilmod Ulelamed: From the Teachings of Our Sages by Rabbi Mordechai Katz

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It is a universal practice among Jews to go through the entire Torah (The Five Books of Moses) once a year by reading a specific portion each and every week. And the perfect guide for a fundamental yet meaningful understanding of every Torah portion is Lilmod Ulelamed (To Learn and To Teach). It has something for everyone regardless of background or level of learning.


Here s what makes Lilmod Ulelamed such a perfect Torah companion:

• Every portion features an informative synopsis of that week s reading, based on traditional sources

•Appearing as sidebars – a detailed, easy-to-follow topic outline of that portion, citing chapter and verse

• Additional commentary and insights filled with inspiring stories, parables, anecdotes, and sayings

• Also, explanations of technical terms and key concepts highlighted in that portion.


Whether you follow the weekly sequence of readings or simply turn to any chapter, anytime you wish, for learning or reference, one thing is certain: Lilmod Ulelamed provides you with a richer, fuller, deeper and uplifting understanding of each and every Torah portion.

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