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Like Stars and Dust: Israel's Government Year Book - Hardcover Binding – David Ben-Gurion

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RARE FIND! The State of Israel will be judged not by its wealth or military strength nor by its technology, but by its moral worth and human values. We must make one more tremendous and concerted effort to become like all other peoples at least. But to be that – a normal, vigorous, free and sovereign nation – is not easy. By setting up the State we guaranteed the principal condition of fulfillment. Each one of us, however, is entitled to hug the chauvinistic belief that merely to be like all other peoples is not enough. We may aspire to bring true the words of the prophet, ‘I the Lord give thee for a covenant of the people to the Gentiles’.     History has no other record of a people that has suffered and struggled so much or paid so high a price for its dedication over the centuries. The causes of this uniqueness lie deep indeed, and its source is undying. We are among the few nations on earth which have left their impress upon a large part of civilization, upon the culture of the Christian and Moslem peOples. Through untold generations we were the only people to believe in the vision of the last days. It cannot be that a vision which inspire-d a people’s faith, its hope and patient expectancy for so long will disappoint it now, of all times, when the miracle which is the State of Israel has come to pass.     David lien-Gurion “The Call of Spirit in Israel’

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Ben-Gurion Research Center, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Ben-Gurion Heritage Institute (1997)






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