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Jewish Ethics and Halakhah for Our Time: Sources and Commentary by Basil Herring [Softcover]

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In recent years both Jewish and non-Jewish scholars have come to appreciate the central role of the Halakhah in Judaism. Usually translated as ‘Jewish law, but perhaps more accurately rendered as the Jewish way” Halakhah encompasses both law in the purely juridical sense and ethics n those areas where value choices must be made and ideas implemented. Unlike other aspects of Judaism, the considerable body of Halakhic literature has remained largely unknown to the non-Hebrew-speaking public. Even the scholar who reads Hebrew may have difficulty finding his way in the complex~ and often arcane discipline of Halakhic studies. Clearly then there is a need for reputable scholarly works in English that draw upon the original sources of the Halàkhah as well as the relevant branches of Jewish philosophy and history, offering a comprehensive presentation of Jewish law and ethics as they focus on specific issues. Ktav’s Library of Jewish Law and Ethics will prove beneficpal both to scholars and to lay students of re- ligion. Several works are already in preparation, covering such subjects as the commandment to honor one’s parents, death and mourning medical ethics, and Jewish regal responsa during the Holocaust period. Other volumes are being planned which will be directed to the more philosophical underpinnings of Jewish law and ethics These include works on “covenantal ethics” and on the philosophy of character in Judaism. Dr. Lamui is Jakob and Erna Michael Professor of Jewish Philosophy, at Yeshiva University, visiting professor of Judak Studies at CUNY—Brooklyn Col- lege and Rabbi of the Jewish Center, New York City. Hardcover: 305 pages Publisher: KTAV Publishing House (July 1984) Language: English ISBN-10: 0881250457 ISBN-13: 978-0881250459


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