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In search of a Jewish women - By Yisroel Miller [Paperback]

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How does the contemporary Jewish woman understand her role in a society which places utmost value on monetary success and career achievement? This question concerns many nowadays, but it is especially relevant to those Jewish wives and mothers who are committed to following a Torah way of life, yet who feel that compared to the career-oriented lives of professional women, their own lives somehow lack clear purpose and meaning. In this warm, lively book, Rabbi Miller provides keen insights into this question. What makes this book unique is that it begins where other books have left off, addressing not only why the Jewish woman’s role is different and special, but also how today’s Jewess can introduce that uniqueness into the mundane chores of daily life. The author discusses marriage, childraising, acts of kindness, modesty, and careers and roles, providing the reader with fresh outlooks, along with concrete advice and suggestions. He also offers a lucid and beautiful explanation of the Jewish woman’s function as shomeres the guardian who is responsible for maintaining the balance and equilibrium in her family which is so vital to Torah growth. This book is a must for women of all ages who are interested in Torah-true answers to the many questions’that living in a modern society poses. The author makes use of a rich array of Torah sources, quoting extensively from Tanach, midrashim, and later works. Without denying the difficulties inherent in the Jewish woman’s role, he focuses on its positive, creative aspects, which are often clouded over by the critics of wife-and-motherhood. The reader of In Search of the Jewish Woman is guaranteed to come away with a deeper appreciation for the invaluable role of the Jewish woman in her family and in the Jewish nation.


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