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Growth Through Torah by Zelig Pliskin

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Insights & Stories for the Shabbos Table from Weekly Torah Readings Growth Through Torah supplies the reader a Torah perspective on topics that are relevant for daily living, self-image, emotions, interpersonal relationships, attitudes conducive to happiness and joy, character traits, and the many benefits of living a Torah lifestyle. In Growth Through Torah, Rabbi Pliskin, Director of Aish Hatorah Counseling Center, focuses on practical insights from the weekly Torah readings. Portion by portion, ideas and reflections of great Torah scholars are cited that will enable the reader to grow as a person in many areas of his life. Stories from the lives of Torah giants illustrate how to intergrate these concepts. This work is geared for both beginners and scholars, young and old. Educators and speakers will find many practical messages that will enhance their talks. Each idea is concise and appropriate for reading at the Shabbos table.

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Gross Bros. Printing, Reprint Edition (January 1, 1998)




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