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Glimpses of Jewish Warsaw by Yitzchak Alfasi (Author)

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Glimpses of Jewish Warsaw is the inaugural volume in a new series of short historical sketches of illustrious Jewish communities of the past. Although its history is comparatively short, the Jewish community of Warsaw was, by far, the largest and most vital of pre-War Europe, incorporating within itself so many diverse elements that it became a microcosm of Polish Jewry. From the pages of this work emerge images of teeming streets and hundreds of shuls and shtieblach, of brilliant rabbis and Talmudic scholars, of great chassiciic rebbes and their devoted followers, of learned laymen and pious, hard-working merchants and tradesmen, and on the other end of the spectrum, of secular Jews, Zionists, Revisionists, Bundists, Socialists and Communists. It was a community rich in history, traditions and Jewish flavor, a community which met its tragic end amidst the flames of the Warsaw Ghetto. Future volumes olfering glimpses of Vilna, Brisk, Cracow and Frankfurt have been assigned and are in various stages of preparation.

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