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Gemara Chapters on Damages by Baruch Elizur (Author)

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The present work forms the third and final volume in the Teach Yourself Talmud Series published by the WZO Torah Education Department. operative throughout the vast “sea” of the Babylonian Talmud irrespective of the subject matter. A Chapter of Talmud presents Perek Hamekabel, the ninth chapter of the tractate Bava Metzia, dealing mainly with land tenancy and labour relations. The second volume Sabbath Chapters of Talmud consists of chapters VII (73a — 75b), X11 and XIII from the tractate Shabbat. The present volume deals with three chapters: The fifth chapter of the tractate Gittin in Order Nashim, Perek Hanizakin, opening with the payment of damages; the third chapter of the tractate Bava Kamma in Order Nezikin, Perek Hameni’ah, dealing with two major causes of injury under the head of bar, the Pit and keren, the Horn, and the sixth chapterof the same tractate dealing with shen, the Tooth, regel, the Foot, and hev’er, the Fire. Thus we have followed all the principles of damages as laid down in the first chapter of Bava Kamma. Having studied the first two volumes, the student has gained a working knowledge of how to master a Sugyah (self-contained subject) in the Talmud. The present volume, dealing with Torts in general, may be studied independently, beginning with the biblical introduction of the Midrashim and ending with the summary of Maimonides, appended to every Sugyah. Thus each subject matter is presented and elaborated in its entirety allowing the student to gain a comprehensive view of the theme of Damages. Finally, a word on the method of studying the Talmud. This differs from the general approach to texts and involves a scientific method peculiar to this discipline. This mode of scientific analysis offers the key to the appreciation of a Slugyah. The diligent student of our lessons will thus have absorbed the rudiments and guidelines.

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