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Ends of Heaven, A novel of danger, suspense, and intrigue: By Yocheved Levenstein

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Ends of Heaven, A novel of danger, suspense, and intrigue   Jeff Bradley, a computer science student at the University of Ottawa, shocks his wealthy, loving family by revealing his newfound neo-Nazi leanings. Before his influential father can thwart his plans, Jeff joins a murderous, maniacal anti-Semite to aid him in his search for his long-lost grandson. Jeff ’s quest catapults him into a world of secret agents, nefarious characters and life-threatening danger. Kibbutz members Eyal and Oren set out to backpack through Nepal and find themselves involved with a strange and suspicious individual who joins them on their trek. Where does Marty disappear to and what is he hiding? Klara and Willie Hoffman’s beautiful and talented daughter chooses a lifestyle they cannot abide. Will they ever see Dolly again? Can they survive the stress and despair of losing her? Avivah Minzer cannot forgive her sister Klara, who sixty years ago left her with their foster parents in Switzerland and emigrated to Canada. Isn’t it time for these sisters, the only surviving members of their once prominent family, to reunite? Author Yocheved Levenstein weaves a complex, riveting, and dynamic tale of hashgacha pratis that spans three continents and three generations. Ends of Heaven will keep you on the edge of your seat with each surprising twist, all the way to the very end!


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