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Eight Questions People Ask About Judaism by Dennis Prager (Author)

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One of the most widely discussed Jewish books of recent years, this work presents Judaism as the rational moral alternative for contemporary humanity. The eight questions are: -> How can I believe in G-d after the Holocaust – and do I have to believe to be a good Jew? -> Who needs Jewish laws or organized religion – isn’t it enough to be an ethical person? -> How do you account for unethical “religious” Jews – and for ethical people who are not religious? -> Why should I bother being Jewish – is Judaism important to the world? -> How does Judaism differ from Christianity, Marxism, and Ethical Humanism? -> Where have all the young Jews gone? -> Why shouldn’t I intermarry? Doesn’t Judaism believe in brotherhood? -> How do I begin acting Jewish? Hardcover: 207 pages Publisher: Tze Ulmad Press; 1st edition (1975) Language: English


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