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Challenge Of Sinai Volume 1 &2 - Rabbi Zechariah Fendel

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A sincere and determined Jewish young man earnestly pursues his quest to learn the true meaning and to discover the inner warmth and radiance of his Torah heritage. Much as he does in the companion volume, ANVIL OF SINAI, the author, Rabbi Zechariah Fendel, once again draws upon his extensive experience in Torah education, as he brings the classical sources of Torah literature to bear upon contemporary problems. Whereas ANVIL OF SINAI deals primarily with the conceptual and philosophical truths of authentic Judaism, CHALLENGE OF SINAI comes to grips with a series of hard-hitting questions which strike at the very core of Torah life in contemporary society. How shall the Torah Jew react to the myriad challenges by which he is confronted daily during the course of his practical implementation of Torah values? What meaning does Shabbos observance In both the conceptual and practical sense  hold for the contemporary Jew? Is It possible to train an individual to insulate himself against the powerful allure of the yetzer hara, and to cope realistically with temptation? Is it realistic to impose the lofty Torah code of morality upon the youth of our generation? Do the laws of taharas hamishpachah hamper the spontaneous joy of marriage? What stand does the Torah take concerning such current social issues as zero population growth, abortion, the drug culture, intermarriage? How significant is the mitzvah of Torah study at the post-high school level, for the student who is not rabbinically-career oriented? These are only a few of the questions which are uppermost In the minds of many contemporary Jews, and which are treated at length in these essays. To highlight the authenticity of the Mesorah process, this work concludes with a sequel to the history of Torah transmission, which covers the periods of the Rishonim and the Acharonim, until our own day, and which is supplemented by numerous charts and tables. CHALLENGE OF SINAI Is a work which is highly sensitive to the problems which confront the Torah Jew in contemporary society. It provides the reader with a realistic and authentic Torah approach to the ever-present challenges of an ever-changing world. CHALLENGE OF SINAI, which has received the approbation of outstanding Torah authorities, represents an invaluable contribution to contemporary Torah thought and literature.

Publisher: Hashkafa (1979)


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