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But He was good to His Mother - Robert Rockaway

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A thrilling assortment of true stories involving pitiless men, who murdered in cold blood and stole millions on their way to becoming the top gangsters of their era. Men for whom the law meant nothing and the threat of prison held no fear. Gangsters who were cop-killers, ran entire neighborhoods, shunned their heritage and turned their back on the obligations of their religion, who cared for nothing, but with one glaring exception they were good to their mothers.
Often typecast as superficial, vicious men who would kill at the drop of a hat, the men featured in this book are now shown in a different light. No longer the one-dimensional persons we have seen in other books, or portrayed in the press, this book now brings to life men like the legendary Arnold Rothstein, Dutch Schultz, Bugsy Siegel, and Meyer Lansky to name a few.
Within these pages, we have an opportunity to alter our viewpoint for the first time, and see both sides of how these gangster celebrities really lived, and how they viewed their vast criminal enterprises simply as businesses, not evil.


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