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Business Ethics in Jewish Law – by Edward Zipperstein (Author) [Softcover]

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Through the centuries Jewish law has changed and expanded with changing times and new needs, so that it is still relevant to our needs today and has been a prototype for the laws of other nations. In all eras, whether the comparatively simple pastoral society of biblical days or the complex economies of later times, Jewish law has been governed by spiritual considerations. In the Judaic view, one must deal honestly and with integrity in all spheres of activity, for Judaism recognizes no separation between the religious and the secular, and the command to the Israelites that “You shall be holy, for l, the Lord, am holy”(Leviticus 19:] ) brought every aspect of life including industry and commeerce within the scope of religion and ethics. As Edward Zipperstein demonstrates in this carefully organized and well written volume, based on extensive knowledge of history and economics and a searching analysis of the Bible, the Talmud, the Codes, and the rabbinic commentaries and interpretations, the demand for holiness has permeated Jewish business and commercial law in all periods of history. His book is a fascinating treatment of a profound and important subject that offers many lessons to the modern reader.


Paperback: 180 pages

Publisher: Ktav Pub. House (1983)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0881250228

ISBN-13: 978-0881250220


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