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Between You and Me (An Abrams Family Legacy) by D. Miriam Schiffman ( (Author)

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You’ve done something. I can see it all over your face, Em said. “So what is it? What’s going on?” Libby’s heart began to pound hard against her chest. “Okay, I’ll tell you, but you can’t be mad at me. See, the thing is, I was only trying to help.” “Help?” Em groaned. “Libby! How many times have I heard you say that exact sentence? You should have a T-shirt made: ‘My name is Libby and I’m a helpaholic.’ Now what did you do?” Libby Ehrman (née Abrams) is the best sheitel macher in Brooklyn. Her customers love sharing their innermost secrets while sitting in “The Chair.” And Libby doesn’t just listen; she’s determined to help. So why are they so upset with her? Things aren’t easy on the home front, either. She’s got a son with ADHD who always gets into trouble, and a best friend since childhood who is moving away. To make matters worse, her pediatrician husband is always on call and never around when she needs him. Will it take a real emergency for him to become a hands-on father before it’s too late? Join Libby as she advises everyone she meets, tries to undo all the havoc her help has caused, and faces some surprising struggles as she tries to manage her own life. Between You and Me, the fourth book in the fascinating Legacy series, is a hilarious, endearing story about the fine, often precarious, line that exists between caring and interfering. Join Libby and her family and follow the lives of another fascinating branch of the Abrams family tree.

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