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Bells and Pomegranates By: Rachel Pomerantz

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We’ve never stressed it, but there is some point to yichus. We don’t always manage to pack in merits like pomegranate seeds, and sometimes it’s good to fall back on our forefathers’ merits. Meet nineteen-year-old Yossi Cohen, deeply immersed in yeshivah life…and just beginning to think about shidduchim. How big of a role will yichus play in this allimportant life stage? Enter the world of Gila and Rina Robinson, identical twins with nonidentical plans for the future. As each one forges a path of her own, the tension mounts. Can they maintain their closeness? And in their hearts lurks fear of the future; will the black mark on their family’s record ruin their chances for shidduchim? Meanwhile, the twins’ close friend Sarah Luft is also launched into a brand-new world of matches and matchmakers, never dreaming that the secret buried in her family’s past will change her entire future


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