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Auschwitz: A History in Photographs - by Teresa Swilebocka (Author)

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More than 280 documentary photographs and reproductions of artworks by former prisoners record the history of the Auschwitz concentration camp, from its initial construction, through the horrors of the Holocaust, to its modern-day appearance. This graphic record of Auschwitz, the main center for the Nazi’s systematic murder of European Jewry, is an overwhelming experience. Published in association with the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum (where Swiebocka is senior curator), it reproduces more than 280 pictures taken by Nazis, by liberating Allied forces and, clandestinely, by prisoners; there are also prisoners’ drawings and paintings. Notes smuggled out of Auschwitz informing the world of the Nazi genocide and testimonies by prisoners who escaped are also included. The Nazis murdered more than one million people in the Auschwitz camp system, which was founded in 1940 in occupied Poland; 90% were Jews, but Poles, Gypsies, Soviet prisoners of war, homosexuals and people of other ethnic groups and nationalities were also exterminated. Recording the ravages of slave labor, starvation and torture, as well as the prisoners’ struggle for life and dignity and the range of organized and spontaneous resistance to the Nazis, this is an essential Holocaust document.¬†Copyright 1993 Reed Business Information, Inc.


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