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A Woman of Valour: an anthology for the thinking Jewess

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To the Editors of: “A Woman of Valor — an anthology for the thinking Jewess.” Greetings and Blessing: I am pleased to be informed that you are preparing to publish an anthology on the role of the Jewish woman in the home, family and in Jewish life in general. The following remarks are in response to your request to comment on this vital subject. In a Jewish household, the wife and mother, the Akeres Habayis, largely determines the set-up and atmosphere of the entire home. G‑d demands that the Jewish home — every Jewish home — be quite different from a non-Jewish home, not only on Shabbos and Yom Tov, but also on the ordinary weekdays and in “weekday” matters. It must be a Jewish home in every respect. What makes a Jewish household different from a non-Jewish household is that it is conducted in all its details according to the directives of the Torah, Toras Chayim — meaning that it is the Jew’s Guide in daily life — given by G‑d. Hence the home becomes an abode for G‑d’s Presence, a home for G‑dliness, one of which G‑d says: “Make Me a sanctuary and I shall dwell among them.” (Exod. 25:5). It is a home where G‑d’s Presence is felt not only on Shabbos and Yom Tov, but on every day of the week; and not only when Davenning and learning Torah, but also when engaged in very ordinary things, such as eating and drinking, etc., in accordance with the directive, “Know Him in all your ways. ” It is a home where mealtime is not a time for indulging in ordinary and natural “eating habits” but a hallowed serve to G‑d, where the table is an “altar” to G‑d, sanctified by the washing of the hands before the meal, reciting the blessings over the food, and Grace after the meal, with every item of food and beverage brought into the home being strictly kosher. It is a home where the mutual relationship between husband and wife is sanctified by the meticulous observance of the laws and regulations of Taharas Hamishpocho, and permeated with awareness of the active third “Partner” — G‑d — in creating new life, in fulfillment of the Divine commandment: “Be fruitful and multiply.” this also ensures that Jewish children are born in purity and holiness, with pure hearts and minds that will enable them to resist temptation and avoid the pitfalls of the environment when they grow up. Moreover, the strict observance of Taharas Hamishpocho is a basic factor in the preservation of peace and harmony (Sholom Bayis) in the home, which is vitally strengthened and fortified thereby — obviously, a basic factor in the preservation of the family as a unit.


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