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A Touch of Inspiration by Rabbi Yechiel Spero (Author)

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Why are we touched by his stories? Rabbi Yechiel Spero understands stories – how to find them, how to tell them. Rabbi Yechiel Spero understands people – how to touch them, how to inspire them.Rabbi Yechiel Spero, in his gentle wisdom and perceptive insight, understands us.

Why are we inspired by his stories?Whether it is in a bomb shelter in Jerusalem, a tiny shul in Poland, or an ice cream store in Staten Island, Rabbi Yechiel Spero always finds a great story – and the greatness latent in every Jew.

Why do we love his stories?In these stories Rabbi Spero touches upon the things that concern us. He is never preachy, but he is not afraid to point out how we can make ourselves better, deeper, more loving people. He shows us Jews — some revered and well-known, others “ordinary” folks like us — who have extraordinary connections to the Al-mighty, and he gently prods us to follow their lead.

Tens of thousands of readers have been uplifted, encouraged, comforted and, yes, inspired by Rabbi Spero’s Touched by a Story series. In this new collection we will, once again, be touched by the inspiration that we receive from this beloved, bestselling author.


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