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A Principal's Principles by Rabbi Binyomin Ginsberg (Author)

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Imagine having an articulate teacher, a master rebbe, a successful principal – a “teacher’s teacher” — there for you, to answer your questions and help you enhance your child’s education. Imagine having a warm and experienced educator available to guide you in helping your children make the most of their formative years.

Stop imagining: You’re holding this master teacher and principal- or, at least, his wisdom and experience — in your hand, in A Principal’s Principles, a compelling and urgently-needed book on raising our children.

Rabbi Binyomin Ginsberg, Dean of Torah Academy in Minneapolis, is a creative and caring educator, a solutions-oriented principal who is regularly consulted by mechanchim throughout America. In A Principal’s Principles Rabbi Ginsberg guides parents in the most important challenge of all: educating our children. In his wry and insightful way he shows us:

how to deal with bullies – and the child who is bullied

how to hear what children are saying – and what they really mean

how does our home impact their success

how to assess if we are pressuring our children too much, or not enough

And, most important of all:

How to ensure that the classroom is a place of happiness and discipline, a place to which our children are drawn.

We all want our children to succeed in school! Then we have to do our homework – and that starts with A Principal’s Principles.

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