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A Beacon Of Light - S Rakow

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Rav Shach’s words are thousands of years old and, at the same time, very up—to-date. His timeless message is addressed to everyone: Kollel men, seminary graduates, teenagers, and people with a more {limited Jewish education too. The (subject—matter of this book is rich and varied. It “includes topics which range from the Exodus from Egypt to the Holocaust,” the Yom Kippur War, and the War of Gog {and Magog. From the purpose of creation and man’s role in it, to learning from nature. From the Patriarchs and Moshe ‘ Rabbeinu, to R. Moshe Feinstein and the Ponevezer Rov. From the State of Israel to modern-day elections, to .Kollelim and Yeshivas. The subjects are diverse but the underlying ideas are the same, and the picture that emerges is refreshingly clear. Rav Shach’s deceptively simple presentation often leaves you wondering why it was not obvious to you: before. It also leaves you with a keener sense of the Torah’s beauty, and a new awareness of how privileged we are to belong to Hashem’s Chosen People.

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Yeshivat Rashbi, B'nei Brak 1995




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