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30 Seconds To Emotional Health by Miriam Adahan, Feldheim, 1996 [paperback]

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Ever wonder how a motherly kiss can reverse the course of a toddler’s tears and magically eliminate the pain of a skinned knee? In all likelihood, this age-old remedy counteracts the child’s emotional suffering, thereby relieving a significant part of the hurt. If only those “magic kisses” could be packaged in tablet form, we could take them throughout our lifetime and instantly heal all emotional injuries. Emotional injury can be as debilitating as any physical ailment, yet we are expected to function normally in spite of the pain and continue our daily routines. But how can we just “snap back” when our minds are numbed by anguish and our hearts heavy with despair. Now, noted psychologist, author and lecturer Dr. Miriam Adahan offers that much needed quick relief in the form of “thought pills”: healthy, positive, spiritually nourishing thoughts that in ten to thirty seconds can deliver a strong dose of emotional balm to relieve stress and anguish for hours and even days.


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