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Our Family owned and operated a Judaica store from the 1970's, My father was  Sofer (A Sofer, is a Jewish scribe) and entering the used book/Judaica market in 1980's with just a few used Item for sale, He grew it slowly to became the largest supplier for Jewish libraries and schools throughout New York area for out of print and used books. People knew his location, the Jewish bookstore as the best place in New York to find the lowest prices on used Jewish books, Judaica, and hard-to-find Jewish books that have gone out of print.

Our Mission Statement 

    Our Goal for is to have built a Jewish Classifieds Marketplace, a place where people can come to get anything that belongs in our Jewish daily life with significant discounts. We all know that here in this day and age we buy too much and have so much extra of everything. and there’s are always people in need in our Jewish community that would not have the money to buy it new. Coming from my background, we have built a site to accomplish this marketplace, for someone who just bought a new Sukkah and now has an extra one, or a Sheitel (Hair Covering) that you want to pass on. there are endless opportunities of Chesed (Kindness) all while making some extra money, or giving it away for free. 

    There has never been a website like brought to the market before. Our main purpose is to move products that someone else does not need to a house hold that does all while offering it a great saving with the end customer gaining it a cheaper price (or Free) and the Seller (or giver) making some neede money or doing a huge Mitzvah like a marketplace similar to eBay just for the Jewish home.

So here are the 3 options to sell on our website.

1People sign up and can post for free, anything that has to with a Jewish home, for examples, Sukkahs, Jewish Books, Seforim, Sheitels, strollers, Menorahs ect. This is absolutely free to post and the buyer will contact you directly for these types of transactions.

2Sellers can contact and sell their items through us, we will pick up your items let you know how much we think they will sell for and store them for you List them with Professional Pictures and post them, when they sell we will ship them and take care of all the customer service, in this option you and UsedJudaica will be partnership and in most cases, we would split the profits after shipping costs even though we would be taking on the expenses of storing and Listing it. In this case, one the item is sold you get paid from us! this is good for you because you will have the "Buy it Now" Button on your listing unlike posting it yourself.

3This Last option is simple, you call or text us at 201.932.6563 or Contact and let us know you want to sell your item(s) we will arrange for pickup or shipping  and get paid right away! simple and easy. In this case we will give fair market value as best as we can.

    Whether you're selling or buying Used Jewish Books, Seforim, Used Judaica, or want to just browse our Jewish classifieds website, we are sure that this will be fun and helpful very helpful to people wanting to save a few bucks but also you ill find items that are out of print and hard to find. we search for the absolute best price online and usually take up to 70% off that!