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Our History...

Written by: Chezky K.

Our Family owned and operated a Judaica store from the 1970’s, My father was  Sofer in Eretz Yisroel (A Sofer, is a Jewish scribe) and entering the used book/Judaica market in 1980’s when he moved with his new wife (My Mother A’H) to Flatbush and purchased Frankel’s Seforim Store on 4904 16th Avenue in Boro Park from Rabbi and Mrs. Frankel. He grew it slowly to became the largest supplier for Jewish libraries and schools throughout New York area for out of print and used books. People knew his location, the Jewish bookstore/Seforim Store as the best place in New York to find the lowest prices on used Jewish books, Judaica, and hard-to-find Jewish books that have gone out of print. We later open Jewishusedbooks once my father retired and moved to Passaic, NJ. We owned and operated jewishusedbooks for 7 years before we sold it in 2013. About a year ago we open with the goal of bringing not only great deals on Jewish books but anything under that would fall under the Jewish home the best deals from abound the world wide web. With this goal in mind we we created this new website to act as a community that helps each other on acquiring the things we need or desire at the best price possible. This is how haBayis was created.

Our Mission Statement 

Our Goal for haBayis® is to have built a Jewish Marketplace. A place where people can come to get anything that belongs in our Jewish daily life with significant discounts from popular website and some non popular, To accomplish this we have build a dynamic website that looks over the internet at websites like Amazon, Overstock, Walmart, and some small websites like VirtualJudaica for auction deals and brings them to you, we post hundreds on new deals daily giving you incredible information on your next purchase. Also you will be able to post your own products for sale for FREE and share deals that you may have stumbled on and want to share it with the community.  Coming from my technical management background, we have built such a site to accomplish these marketplace goals, form someone who just bought a new Sukkah and now has an extra one, or a Sheitel (Hair Covering) that you want to pass on. there are endless opportunities of Chesed (Kindness) all while making some extra money, or giving it away for free. 

There has never been a website like brought to the market before. Our main goal is savings for the Jewish family, habayis in Hebrew means “The House”  everything for the Jewish home also the website was created to move products that someone else does not need to a house hold that does all while offering it a great saving with the end customer gaining it a cheaper price (or Free) and the Seller (or giver) making some need money or doing a huge Mitzvah like a marketplace similar to eBay just for the Jewish home.

How does haBayis® work?

What does the tag line Buy, Sell, Post, Share & Save mean?

1. Savings – Big savings means we have created a dynamic website that scrapes the internet under certain criteria that we have coded to find the best deals for certain categories, so you can save as much as possible and we will post these daily deals and link then back to the website where you can purchase the item if you so desire.  

2. Share – You can also take part in posting the deals you may have found! If you see or come across a deal that you would like to share with everyone then simply send us the URL and a short description of what’s on sale a why is it a good deal and we will have one of our team members follow-up and if we see the savings as you do we will pass it on to the community.

3. Post – posting your own products is absolutely free! posting anything that has to with the Jewish bayis (home), for examples, Sukkahs, Jewish Books, Seforim, Sheitels, strollers, Menorahs ect. This is absolutely free of charge and a buyer will contact you directly for purchasing.

4. Buy – habayis exclusives – we buy and sell our own products, haBayis Exclusive Sold by us, Shipped by us. that simple. which comes to the next tag line.

5. Sell – Sellers can contact and sell usedjudaica items to us directly. we also my purchase other items as well. please  text/whatsApp at 848-305-7736 or Contact and let us know you want to sell your item(s) we will arrange for pickup or shipping  and get paid right away! simple and easy. In this case we will give fair market value as best as we can.

Whether you’re selling or buying , posting or sharing, if you want to just browse our Jewish classifieds website, we are sure that this will be fun experience, if you can think of any way to improve our website please don’t hesitate to Contact Us